Blog #005 – After Dark.

After Dark

— Story —

When the sun goes down and schools are out the real boys sneak outside and play. While during the day he’s an angel and mostly behaved at school.. Sometimes at night he sneaks out to hang with the cool kids. Grabbing his backpack and heading to the abandoned park. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught by his parents, I’m sure they wouldn’t approve.

— Location —

Duplicity @ Youth Proof by M...

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Blog #004 – Pizza Island

Pizza Island

— Story —

Everyone has their favorite food they would love to eat all day, every day.. And some, some just dream of traveling to a island full of pizza. Pizza on trees, people with faces, everything pizza. This little traveler already knows what he will be looking for when he grows up. The Pizza Traveler!

— Location —

Prim River @ Belle Notte by Daniellejayne Resident.

— Outfit —

Featured: *...

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Blog #003 – A Windy Day.

A Windy Day

— Story —

Sun, rain, snow or wind. The power for the elements. Some may hate the bad weather, some many love the sound of rain, and some.. well.. some just love to play. A child can see the fun in anything, blowing away by the wind with his umbrella it’s almost like flying. Who wouldn’t want that?

— Location —

Romantic Moods @ Snuggles Forest by Teagan Parnas.
Windlight: Region Windlight

— Pr...

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Blog #002 – The world is magical

The world is magical

— Story —

Once in a while the world can be so magical, full of nature, shiny things and nice smells. Oh, and dino-poo on a stick. If you never been to PaleoQuest before i really recommend you check it out. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Second Life with family and friends, it’s hard at first and can be frustrating but it’s also great fun...

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Blog #001 – Anyone can be a friend.

Anyone can be a friend

— Story —

We all have it.. Imagination. Young or old, strong or weak. The joy of talking to someone or something and pretending it to listen. This boy can spend hours with his new imaginary friend, It’s almost like this cute sock monkey really talks back to him.

— Props —

Featured: Sock Monkey – “Pan’s Toys” by *PAN*
Zerbert 2000 RARE by MadPea
Let’s Play Building Blocks by ROOST
Big Hug Be...

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Welcome to “”!

Our new web domain, together with this site will now be used for multiple things.
Starting today, This is now a more personal website for myself.

These are the things you can soon find here:

  • Xeolots & XeoLife Info
  • Xelm’s Personal Blogs
  • Event & Location Blogs
  • Store Blogs

I will also work on my FlickR and start making a lot more pictures...

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I’m currently looking for more sponsors, want me to blog for you?
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