Tarinfell: Character Story

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Roleplay Info:

  • Name: Xelm “Scout” Riverglade
  • Age: 7 Years Old.
  • Race: Human Boy
  • Trade: Young Druid
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Guild Rank: Child of Tarinfell
  • Work: Hot Buns Bakery Apprentice

Short Story: Born as a Druid Xelm grew up alone as he lost his parents at a young age when they got ambushed while trying to restore corrupted waters. He has learned to survive alone and is dedicated to continue his parents path. To restore the world from evil. Strongly connect he draws power from nature and it’s spirits.

Scout: Xelm listens and calls himself Scout, this is a nickname given to him by his parents before their death. It is very uncommon he will use his real name. For the full story see below.

Full Story: Coming Soon!

Progress: Coming Soon!

RP Limits: No Deaths, Stay Within LL Child ToS!, Ask me anything if you are unsure.

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